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$80k in Revenue In Just 6 Months
Revenue in Under 6 months Using 4 Linkedin accounts
ROI in Just 6 Months

How We Helped Jenna create 6x multiple in Revenue & Remove Herself From Daily prospecting and marketing Operations By Using our team to book appointments and develop a streamlined client acquisition process


“Not only does he care about getting us leads but he helps us hone in our sales process so we can increase our closing ration”

- Jenna Moll / Chief Marketing Officer @ Trusted Advisors Network
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What does your company do?

Trusted Advisors Network is a coaching and consulting company, specializing in helping business professionals turn your unique skills into a coaching/consulting practice. FOr the past 40 years we’ve been advising professionals to create sustainable coaching and consulting practices.

Where were you before working with Scaled Growth? 

I was running our own marketing campaigns and was unsuccessful and needed to gain back my time and get better results.We hired other growth agencies before and we were spending double the amount while only getting a quarter of the results.

I just wanted to work on the business more and create leverage instead of having 8 hats on while having one role.

We were taking about 10-15 sales calls a month and the leads were not worth the price point we were paying the ad agency. We were stuck overpaying most of the growth vendors we used and weren’t even breaking even.

What did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business?

Immediately it was the sales copy, messaging and targeting that we were falling short on. We needed a consistent leadflow and we were stuck spending money and barely getting results. I was spending so much time working on prospecting instead of just investing into a system that did it for me.

What were some big wins that occurred inside your business once we identified these problems?

It wasn’t just increasing the revenue by 6X, but being able to remove myself from some of my day-to-day operations. My day is so much smoother plus we are getting between 6x-10x return on our investment and I don’t have to train or hire anyone new. I have so much more mental space.

What are some “Before & After” results in tangible metrics you experienced in your business from working with us?

Before we were paying double for ads and getting a quarter the amount of leads were coming in. We were focused on lead flow first before even getting into revenue and closing. Now the systems are so dialed in that we are booked for 2 months in advance.

What have been the most valuable aspects of working with us?

Getting time back, more clients, less headaches and multiplied revenue I would say has been the most valuable.

What would you say to someone considering working with Scaled Growth?

Don’t think about it, just get started. They will increase your lead flow, help you sell better and give you the support you need to generate the revenue you’re looking for.

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